Favorite books showcase
Under Consideration

A slot on your profile to showcase your top 4 favorite books (or maybe up to 8)

Hardcover Team
Mar 15, 2024
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Under Consideration

We'e considered doing something like this. Letterboxd has a way of adding this directly to your profile which I do kind of like.

There are two solutions for this right now:

You can pin any prompt or list to your profile and that'll show up. I'd recommend filling out the "What are your favorite books of all time?" Prompt for that. https://hardcover.app/prompts/what-are-your-favorite-books-of-all-time

We also show that Prompt on your All-time stats page for your favorite books. We could potentially use that same prompt to show your favorite books on your profile page in another way - even if you don't pin your prompt.

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