Date Calculation Issue

In stats, there is a section called "Pages Read By Year"

If I set a 100-page book to the read dates of 01/01 to 01/01 (Read in 1 day), the page count does not show up in the PRBY section. The expected behaviour is: 100 pages read for 01/01.

If I set it to 01/01 to 01/02 (Read in 2 days), the page count shows up on 01/01 as 50 pages read. The expected behaviour is: 50 pages read for 01/01 and 01/02.

I believe this is an issue of how the tracker calculates the date range. 01/01 to 01/01 is 1 day, but the tracker sees it as 0 days. 01/01 to 01/02 is 2 days, but the tracker sees it as 1 day.

Possible solution #1: Add 1 day to however the tracker calculates the dates

Possible solution #2: Add a feature where you can manually input the number of pages read for a specific day, and not have it be automatically calculated

Possible solution #3: Change the tracker to a monthly count


Hardcover Team
Mar 15, 2024
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Good catch! Adding this to our issue tracker.